No. It is not something that we require. However, we do recommend that you are home for the start of the first cleaning to show our cleaners areas that you would like us to focus on or specific supplies you request that we use. If you can't though, that's okay.
Absolutely! One of the requirements of being a Simplicity Maids cleaner is insurance to cover any accidents that could potentially occur.
Just send us an email at info@simplicitymaids.com letting us know about yourself and we will help you get the interview process started.
We seek to find the best cleaners in San Diego. To do that we look for motivated individuals who possess a wealth of experience in this field. All of our cleaners undergo multiple interviews as well as background checks. Once we have found someone who fits our requirements, we have them perform a test cleaning. We wont hire anyone that we wouldn't have clean our own house.
After your cleaning, you will receive an email asking for feedback. We make sure to pass on relevant info to our cleaners. We highly value your feedback and will act on feedback received in order to ensure that Simplicity Maids stays the number one company for home cleaning in San Diego.
Deep cleanings are perfect for first time customers or for houses that haven't been cleaned professionally in the last three months.
We are positive that you will enjoy the results of our cleaners work. If not, please let us know within a 24 hour time frame and we will send someone back to clean it for free.
Yes, your credit card number holds the booking just like when you book a hotel. We guarantee that you will not be charged until after the cleaning has occurred.  
We work 7 days a week and start our first job at 8:30 am and start the last job at 4:30 pm.
We work with teams of two, and sometimes three
No, just leave us a key to gain entry and we will take it from there. You can leave a key under the mat, in the mailbox, at the front-desk. We want to make this simple for you.
We estimate 1 hour per bedroom, but we don't quote an exact amount of time.  We clean until finished for a standard home and within reason.  For special cases like hoarders, or extremely large homes, we may adjust the estimate for fairness.
Once a recurring service has been set up we will show up on the date and time you have selected  We will send a reminder email the day before so you will be expecting us.
We have a flate rate pricing based on the number of bedrooms and bathrooms in a home. Please see our price rates here: Pricing
We currently accept credit/debit cards. Our online payments are processed by stripe, and are processed though a fully secure 256 bit protocol.  The site also has an SSL certificate making payments very safe. Any unauthorized charges that are made to your card as a result of doing business with us will be fully refunded.
We bring everything we need to clean. If you prefer we use specific supplies at your house, let us know and we will use whatever supplies you leave out for us.
Yes, it eliminates the potential for error that booking over the phone can cause. Simply fill out the booking form at http://www.simplicitymaids.com/book-now/ and we contact you to confirm all the details. Your credit card will not be charged until after the cleaning has occurred.
Choose anytime between 8:30 and 4:30 pm and will will contact you confirming that the time is available.